Records in Our Facility Are Protected from Virtually All Natural Disasters & Benefit from Our Location’s Unique Traits:
  • Fire
  • Tornadoes/Extreme Weather
  • Natural Constant Temperature of 60 Degrees
  • Natural Humidity Control
  • pH of Limestone Conducive to Storing of Paper

Our facility is located 130 feet underground, which makes it an ideal location for storing records. The constant 60 degree temperature, along with the pH of the limestone rock, creates an ideal natural environment for storage.

There are approximately 500,000 boxes entrusted to our Central KY facility, so keeping them all safe and secure is our top priority. When it comes to retrieval and re-filing your documents, we facilitate that while adhering to a strict user authorization system.

We maintain independent fire detection, as well as intrusion systems, to ensure that your documents are as safe from fire and theft as they can possibly be. Plus, our facilities are protected by six layers of an overt defense strategy.

box organization

Paper Documents

Paper-based record management systems have been the primary and traditional method of keeping business records and other documents for more than a century. While some small businesses still handle paper due to their relatively small size and the minimal number of records they may need to store, other industries (like healthcare facilities and law offices) may also maintain paper documents for legal compliance and to meet certain industry audit requirements. In either case, secure offsite storage is a wise investment.

Electronic Documents

In the same way we keep your paper documents protected, we can also store your digital documents, as well. Our facility is secure, safe, and unique. No one else can offer the same type of space or environment.

Archival Storage

Data archiving involves identifying data that is no longer meant to be active and removing it from live data production systems and into long-term storage systems. Archival data is different in that it is not stored to be readily retrievable.

Special Collections

Our storage facility is the perfect place to store a special collection. Whether it’s personal property or collateral from a business or organization, it will be safe in our temperature stable environment, protected by our multi-layered security system. Your special collection can be accessed when needed, while remaining protected over time when not in use.

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