In order to protect your business, all sensitive information needs to be handled with care. In some cases, that data needs to be stored in a secure environment for safe keeping. In other situations, however, the data has already served its purpose and now needs to be destroyed.

Our experienced team of professionals understand how to handle sensitive data. We are experts at picking up, transporting, and destroying data, according to your specifications and under your directed orders. Whether your operation is large or small, we are ready to fulfill your needs and take care of your purge and destruction requirements.

document purge and destruction

Purge and Destruction Options

Depending on your needs, we can set up customized purge and destruction services to suit them.

We can set up retention schedules that conform to your industry standards or individual business needs, allowing us to destroy records at a predetermined time so that you’re neither holding on to data too long or too short of a period of time.

The process is straightforward and simple. If desired, we are prepared to transport the selected documents from your space to ours, located just south of Lexington, KY. Afterwards, we can digitize whatever you’d like to keep prior to elimination and then commence with the destruction so that no unwanted data remains. And when the situation warrants, we can skip the digitization and simple destroy your records, allowing you to maintain peace of mind about your stored sensitive information.

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