Boats and RVs are large vehicles that don’t fit well within the average residential garage. And while they’re perfect for enjoying fun in the water or on the open road, when it’s time to go home, there isn’t always a logical place to keep them. We offer an affordable solution that doesn’t require winterizing due to our unique storage area.

boat and rv underground storage
inside ky underground storage

When You Need Boat/RV Storage

You need to protect your investment. A storage facility helps avoid accidents that may occur when attempting to work around your large vehicle at home. It also protects your vehicle from the elements. Typically, boats are RVs are used seasonally by their owners, which means that having them stored offsite actually frees up your own real estate and helps extend the life and look of your vehicle in the process. Plus, many people simply don’t have a place to park their boat or RV.

No Winterizing Necessary

If you have had a boat or RV for any number of years, you’re probably familiar with the effects that weather can have. Unprotected vehicles are at major risk for damage due to water, ice, and cold weather. Storing your boat or RV with us allows you to avoid any steps you would normally take due to the coming winter weather because our Central KY facility stays at a near constant temperature 130 feet underground. Very few places can offer that kind of protection from the elements.

Boat/RV Storage Basics

Once your boat is stored with us, you’ll realize the benefits of opening up space at home (or at work). No matter what vehicle you may have, we can store it safely and securely here at our facility.

*Off-season Storage – Store your boat or RV during the winter months without having to go through the costly and annoying hassle of winterizing it beforehand. Then pick it up once the seasons change and you’re ready to use it again.

*Collector Storage – Perhaps you collect vehicles more than you use them. Our facility is perfect for keeping your prized possessions in pristine, collector-grade condition.

*Work Vehicle Storage – For people who operate seasonal businesses, there may be times during the year when your vehicles are not in use. There’s no reason to have a fleet of unused machinery clogging up your real estate. Store them with us in our worry-free environment.

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Storing Your Boat or RV with Us

If you park your RV or boat in your garage or driveway, it’s taking up valuable space that you could be using in other ways. You don’t have to get rid of your vehicle to eliminate this problem, however. Simply contact Kentucky Underground and let us store it for you. You can count on our service, and we’re always ready to help.

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