How Scanning Can Help Your Business

The advantages of document scanning may not be apparent if your company has always used paper documents for business activities. Just think about the amount of time that is spent working with paper files. Statistics show that professionals spend up to 50% of their time looking for needed information in paper documents. With PDF files of digital images, 20,000 records can be searched in about 3 seconds.

It would take approximately 67 hours to search the same amount of paper documents by hand. Companies with multiple locations can benefit greatly from document imaging, by allowing their staff to share information, easily, between offices. Having issues with records retention? Once images are digitized and indexed, the chances of them becoming lost is practically zero.

Using document scanning to store your records is a cost effective and space saving way to meet compliance requirements for retention of your company’s data. Having your documents in electronic form can also help to control and audit document retrieval.

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Scanning Services

How KUSI Can Help

KUSI offers document scanning and storage services to facilitate your business needs. Services include scanning of documents, digital image storage, secure web-based retrieval with user and group level security, paper storage, and many other services related to document scanning.

Efficiency & Cost Savings

Document scanning allows for instantaneous sharing of documents between locations or with several employees at a single location. It also allows for full-text searching of documents in a matter of seconds.

Gathering documents will no longer require a trip to storage but simply a few mouse clicks and keystrokes. The need to recreate lost documents (with an average cost of $250 per document) and misfiling of documents (with an average cost of $120 per document) will be eliminated.

The cost associated with paper documents are relatively high:
• Paper documents cost $.25 per page to store in your facility.
• $20 in labor is spent to file one document.
• It will cost your company $120 to find 1 misfiled document.
• It will cost your company $250 in labor to reproduce 1 lost document.

Document Digitization Benefits

Image Enhancement

Our document scanning process begins with capturing a high-resolution image followed by a three-phase quality assurance auditing. All images are manually checked for orientation so that 100% of the files we deliver to the customer are oriented correctly. Every document that is scanned at KUSI goes through a digital image enhancement process. After the enhancement processing, images are again checked for optimal quality. Our “dual entry” indexing method minimizes errors. All OCR/ICR or indexing goes through a secondary, extensive quality control process to ensure the information you receive is correct.

Utilizing color dropout techniques, we can provide clean images with small file sizes. Currently we offer RGB (red, green and blue) dropout. Without color dropout, these documents would have a rather large file size and contain visual noise.

Online Retrieval

Kentucky Underground Storage can deliver your scanned documents via online repository. This system offers data security and compliance across multiple standards (HIPAA, FERPA, etc.) and is optimized for data loss prevention (DLP). Active directory (AD) sync and multi-factor authentication (MFA) capabilities can be enabled as well.

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